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Fitness 101

Fitness Equipment

As you begin your FlashyFit journey we don’t expect you to run out and purchase the latest and greatest in fitness equipment. Here is what we recommend to get you started:

Stability ball
Dumbbells *
Jump Rope
Utility Bench **
Bosu Ball
Medicine ball
Exercise bands
Step or Plyo box
Barbell/Weight plates
Stability Ball

Stability Ball



Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Utility Bench

Utility Bench

Bosu Ball

Bosu Ball

Medicine ball

Medicine ball

Exercise bands

Exercise bands

Step or Plyo box

Step or Plyo box

Barbell / Weight plates

Barbell / Weight plates

* Dumbbells or free weights are available in a range of weight measured in pounds. Dumbbells can be found in 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25, 30 pounds and up.

** A straight utility bench that inclines is best – nothing else fancy required.

Most of this equipment can be purchased at a sporting goods or discount department store. Don’t forget to check online for deals and free shipping! There is also lots of great used equipment out there especially when looking for a bench or dumbbells. And remember a little TLC and rust proof spray paint can go a long way if you find a piece of equipment in rough shape.

Fitness Apparel

Choose workout apparel that is comfortable and that you feel good in.


fitness apparel

Clothes that stretch or give as you move are best and make sure they fit properly so as not to chafe, ride up or show more than you want! Avoid wearing baggy clothes as you will not be able to see if you are using correct form.

There are days when it can be pretty tough to motivate yourself to work out. Treat yourself to a couple of sassy fitness outfits that you love and feel great in as this might just motivate you to pick up those weights and get moving.


fitness shoes

At some point, invest in a pair of quality cross trainers or running shoes which means shoes that combine flexibility, support and cushioning. Fit counts! Take the time to go to a fitness store where you can be properly fitted for shoes. And be picky about your workout socks too. Don’t ruin a good workout with uncomfortable socks.

This doesn’t mean we want you to rush out and purchase a bunch of new fitness gear before you start your first workout. It is WAY more important that you START! Grab your most comfortable outfit that is not too baggy, the running shoes you have, select your FlashyFit exercise cards and get working out.

Fitness Lingo

If you are new to working out or need a refresher take a minute to read up on following fitness terms as they will be used throughout the FlashyFit program.

Is the full motion of an exercise from beginning to end. 1 rep = start position move through the exercise end position

Example: To complete 1 rep of a bicep curl start with a dumb bell in each hand, arms hanging straight down with palms facing forward (start position.) Raise the weight without moving your elbows until your hands are close to your shoulders (move through the exercise.) Return to the starting position with arms hanging straight down (end position.)

Is the heaviest weight you can lift if you give it your maximum effort for 1 rep.

Example: If you can complete 1 rep of a chest press with 20 lbs that is your 1RM. Each Phase will use a different percentage of your 1 rep max. See each separate card for the appropriate weight to be used.

You don’t need to determine your 1RM for every exercise. You will be able to lift more with a large muscle like your chest versus a smaller muscle like your bicep or tricep so consider the size of the muscle involved before picking up a weight.

Remember to warm up your muscles before attempting to identify your 1RM. Begin with a weight you know you can lift (5 or 10 lbs) and increase that by 2-5 lbs increments until you reach your 1RM. You may want to have a spotter with you for at least a bench chest press.

I would recommend determining your 1 rep max for a chest press on a bench as your chest is a large muscle and can lift more; however, feel free to determine your 1 RM for your chest, back, shoulder, tricep, bicep and legs.

Example: For Phase 1 use 50-75% of your 1 RM. If your 1 RM for your chest is 20 lbs then use 10-15 lbs weights for your chest exercises (50% of 20 = 10 and 75% of 20 = 15.) Check each Phase Title card before beginning a new phase as each uses a different percentage of your 1 rep max.

Is a group of reps. FlashyFit Phase 1 exercises require 12-20 reps and completing those reps = 1 set.

Example: 20 Bicep curls = 1 set.

Is the weight used for the exercise. FlashyFit Phase 1 is light to moderate intensity so select a weight that is 50-75% of your 1 rep max.

Example: If your 1 rep max for a bicep curl is 20 lbs then for Phase 1 you will use 50-75% of your 1RM = 10-15 lbs. Remember, you need to complete 12-20 reps of an exercise without straining or losing your form.

Is the proper technique when performing an exercise. You must be able to maintain proper form through each set of an exercise - if you cannot, the weight is too heavy. Incorrect form can result in injury and poor results.

Is the speed of 1 rep. Each FlashyFit Phase has a different tempo to maximize your workout results. Phase 1 is a slow tempo (4-2-1) with a controlled movement.

Example: For a bicep curl, you raise the weight to a count of 4, lower the weight for a count of 2, and hold the weight for a count of 1.

Performing a series of exercises one after another with minimal to no rest.

An exercise that requires you to start, stop and change direction quickly and efficiently.

Is the amount of rest time between exercises, sets or circuits. The level of intensity will help determine the rest period (typically a few seconds.)

1 set of each exercise.

Multiple number of sets for each exercise.

2 exercises in rapid succession with minimal rest.

Is a routine that trains different muscles on different days.

Is performing exercises using different muscle groups, one after the other.

Example: In Phase 1 you will perform chest, back, shoulder, tricep, bicep and leg exercises one after the other for 1 set. Then you will repeat the exercises in the same order for 2 more sets.

Is performing all sets of a specific muscle group before moving to the next muscle group.

Example: In Phase 3, you complete 2-4 chest exercises (3 sets of each chest exercise) before moving on to back exercises.

Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette

If you decide to take FlashyFit with you to the gym or a fitness facility there are some basic etiquette rules to remember.

  • Put equipment back where you found it
  • Return weights after each use
  • Don't forget to wipe down mats and cardio equipment with the towelettes that are provided
  • Your fellow gym members will thank you!