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Welcome to FlashyFit

FlashyFit is a complete online fitness training program and community for women age 40+. Any fitness level, any fitness goal FlashyFit is the right fit!

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Stay motivated, knowledgeable and work out anywhere with your downloadable library of FlashyFit Exercise Cards.

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Join the FlashyFit community and make your fitness goals a reality. Be Flashy, Be Fit, Be FlashyFit!

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FlashyFit is a complete online fitness program and community for women age 40+.

Think of FlashyFit as your own private virtual gym complete with personal trainer. Using a flash card system of exercises, we’ve designed a total-body workout program so you know which exercises to do, how to do them, how many to do and when to switch it up. The program is totally flexible so you can change your workout up daily, weekly or monthly. There are loads of FlashyFit Exercise Cards to choose from with new cards added regularly so boredom is not an option and they can be downloaded right to your phone, tablet or laptop which means you can workout anywhere, anytime.

Kim Turner, FlashyFit’s CEO and Founder, is a fabulous 52 year-old personal trainer who knows how important it is for women 40+ to focus on maintaining core strength and balance as these tend to weaken with age. Kim incorporates core and balance exercises into every phase of the program to ensure wellness, prevent injury and improve overall health. Kim is creating a vibrant community of women willing to share their successes, challenges and tips as they get fit – FlashyFit!

How to get started

How to Get Started

Begin your fitness journey here. Complete a short fitness assessment to help us identify your fitness level, goals and the FlashyFit Phases that are the right fit for you.

Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

FlashyFit’s 5 Training Phases and Cardio Program offer tons of options which means you can switch up your fitness routine to maximize results.

Ask an Expert

Expert Help

Need some info or clarification regarding reps, form, weights, equipment, pre or post workout meals or anything else fitness related? Ask away. We are ready to respond!

Is FlashyFit the perfect fit for you?

Our introductory video has the answer!

Flashy Fit cards

Fitness flash card system

Do you want to tone up, build strength and muscle, lose weight or just feel better? No matter what your fitness goals are FlashyFit exercise cards will help you achieve them. Each card focuses on one exercise and explains proper form and technique. You design your own workout by selecting the exercises you want to do and then change them up when you are ready - every few weeks or months!

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Your Stories

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Tell Us About It!

Do you have a favorite FlashyFit card or exercise? Have we helped you achieve one of your fitness goals? Write a comment, send us a photo or both! We want FlashyFit to be an amazing fitness experience for you so give us your feedback. Please!